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On 28 February 2014 I went to Paris for three days and I went to SoGymnase to see the “New York Comedy Night” where Luke performs stand up comedy on Friday evenings.

I also had the honour to meet the comedian Sebastian Marx whose interesting podcast “Donc voilà quoi” I had discovered only the day before our meeting.

This podcast is mainly in French, but occasionally also in English. He does interviews with his comic friends who perform stand-up. They talk about their lives as comedians. It is a very pleasant listening.

 The show (New York Comedy Night) was really amazing and funny. It featured various artists such as Sebastian Marx, Pierre Gaspard, Yacine Belhousse and Luke Thompson himself as the icing on the cake.

We all met after the show in a pub and spent hours talking and having a good time.
The atmosphere was very friendly and it was a real pleasure to speak to the great Luke Thompson and his friends.

I can never thank Luke enough for his work and his devotion to teaching English!


I recommend you to :

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Sebastian Marx’s Podcast “Donc voilà quoi” with Yacine Belhousse (in French):
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