Hi Everyone,

As you might know, Luke Thompson has created a new section on his website called transcript collaboration.

What does that mean?
In fact, Luke suggests you to write a part of the transcript for some podcast episodes.
When you visit the transcript collaboration page you see some links to the Google Docs where you could take part in the transcript collaboration.

How does it work?
On the file, you will see the timestamp where the last writer has finished – that’s how you know where to start writing.
Once you have finished, let know the next person where you stopped in the episode by writing the new time stamp.I find this transcript collaboration very efficient, because it helps Luke save time and record more episodes and, on the other hand, it will help you improve your listening and writing skills.

I encourage you to take part of this collaboration even if you can only write 3 minutes of a podcast. Every little bit helps.
For more information, listen to the following episode or go to http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/episodes-with-transcripts/transcripts/

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