Once again I would like to share with you the great job that Luke did.

This time Luke offered us a podcast zapping of its favourite podcast.

I really recommend you to listen to the two parts of this  OPP episode (Other Peoples Podcast) and visit these two links to find all the link to the different podcast.

This is a bit of fresh air for your podcast player and a bit of inspiration for you !

I used to listen to some of them like for example Adam and Joe, The Smartest Man in The World, WTF, and they are very interesting. On the other hand they are made for native speaker and often they speak too quickly (for me) so I think it should be better to do nothing else that listening to the podcast to be focused enough.



Thank you Luke for you great job and I’m going to listen to some new podcast right now.

Should I precise that the best podcast of the world still Luke’s English Podcast anyway ?

No.. no need to. THIS is THE BEST 😉



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