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A phrasal verb a day – by Luke Thompson

Hi Everyone, I hope you have well started this new year ! You probably made some good resolutions for this year like Luke Thompson who has planned to teach us a phrasal verb every day. As he said, "It's quite an ambitious project, but if you back me up I'll stand a...

156. British Comedy: Ali G – Luke’s English Podcast

Listen to the last amazing episode of Luke's English Podcast ! This episode is the first in a series about British Comedy.In this one, Luke talk about the character called Ali G. Luke explain who is Ali G. and you will be able to understand all the jokes from Ali G....

153. The Talking Dog Story – Luke’s English Podcast

Here is a quote from Luke's English Podcast: "In this episode I decided to improvise another story for you. A lot of listeners really liked episode 125. The Pink Gorilla Story (full transcript available), which I improvised into a microphone earlier this year. I...

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How Much and How Many

We use how much and how many when we are talking about uncountable and countable nouns. We don’t want to confuse you with lots of fancy description like dictionaries do, so we will explain this to you in the most simple way we can. How to use how much How much is used...

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