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Zdenek’s Holiday in England

Hello Everyone, Here is a set of 4 episode of Zdenek's English podcast about Zdenek's holiday in England. It's a kind of journalistic report which is really interesting. Enjoy 😉 listen to ‘Episode 71 - Zdenek's Holiday in England’ on Audioboo listen to ‘Episode 72 -...

Tom Rhodes Radio

Here is a second podcast I wanted to share with you today. Tom Rhodes is a comedian, a musician and a podcaster. He's doing stand up comedy for 30 years ! Tom Rhodes is an interesting guy who likes travelling and meeting people. He knows a lot of comedian people...

The Smartest Man in the World

Hi Guys, I'd like to share with you a "new" podcast I discovered few months ago. The smartest man in the world is a great English podcast by Greg Proops. To be honest it can be hard to understand because this is a stand up comedy and because he speaks very quickly but...

Bored about your podcast? Try that one!

Hi Everyone, Are you bored about your podcast? You should try the Scott Mills Daily podcast. This is one of the craziest podcast of the BBC. On the other hand, that's not the easiest one to understand because they speak quickly. Anyway, they send us their good mood....

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Idiomatic Expressions With Colors

The colors bring the life out of the things, they can make us feel different states of emotion from angry with red, hope with white to mention a few. Have you ever heard an idiomatic expressions with colors? Have you been in a situation where someone name a color in a...

Learn English With Kirsty

Hello everyone this time I want to share with you another page you can have a look to practice, improve or learn english, this site is Learn English With Kirsty. Kirsty Major providse support and training for people who want to develop their English, particularly...

How To Speak English Fluently

Hello Everybody, I'm sure you already know Effortless English and Aj Hoge but you might be interested to watch his last video. Go to this link to get all the informations or watch the video below....

Download Free Audiobook in English

Yes you can download free audiobook Yes, just because we are such a good bunch of people here at Talk2Learn, we found a way to give to our listeners and visitors the chance of getting a free audiobook. Our good friend Luke Thompson from Luke's English Podcast is...

Idiomatic Expressions with Go

The english verbs are used to describe actions we all know that, but when they are used with other words, the meaning can change and we can get confused. Idiomatic expressions are that what I've just described, well more less, an idiomatic expression is an informal...

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