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Hi Everyone,


Here is my real first episode of the podcast.

Please be lenient ; )

Please answer my episode’s questions in the comment field.


Hi guys, how are you doing ?

This is Guillaume Speaking!

I’m from Switzerland, Im’ 33 years old and working as technical IT support.

I have been learning English for two years and I’m keen on learning it. I like doing website and sharing stuff about learning English, that’s why I created a website that you can find on the address

As I’m not a teacher or a native speaker I might doing mistakes and I apologies in advance about them.

I’m doing this podcast to improve my english skills and my confident skills.

I hope you will enjoy this podcast even with mistakes.


I would say that when I recorded this episode for the first time this morning, I was driving my car to go to work, but when I listened to the episode, the sound was very bad. In fact this morning was rainy and it has too much noise with the rain on the windshield. We are learning from mistakes… Then I’m recording it in better conditions.

You might wondering how I’m learning English right?

Well, I’m having private English lessons by Skype twice a week with a very good teacher Marc who is Canadian and lives in Poland.

Beside my lessons I’m listening to a lot of podcast. My favorites are Luke’s English podcast, Zdenek English Podcast, Tom Rohdes Radio and TED Talks.

But for me the best one is Luke’s English podcast, because Luke Thompson is one of the best English teacher ever. I listened all of those episode and I learnt a lot from them.

Luke is devotee to teach English and he transmit his passion to the learner in an amazing way.

The proof is that Zdenek as created his own podcast because Luke has suggested in some episode to create your own podcast in a way to improve your skills. Actually Zdenek have done 55 episodes of Zdenek English podcast that’s incredible isn’t it?

But who is Zdenek? Zdenek is an English teacher who comes from republic Czech and lives there. He has known how to do a good podcast being inspired by Luke’s podcast. Actually Zdenek English podcast is quiet famous by learners.

Doing a podcast is not easy. You need to have topics to talk about, you have to feel confident enough to speak in front of a microphone and finally you should have few technical knowledge with computer.
Now I need your help to define the name of this podcast. Should I call it “Talk2learn’s English podcast” or “Guillaume’s English podcast”? Let me know what do you think about.

Well, that’s it for this episode, I hope you enjoy it, I hope that you didn’t find too much mistake and I apologies for them if it’s the case. If you have any suggestions about the website or the podcast please leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for listening and see you soon, bye bye

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