LWM_logo_green_abitofachatwithlorenaLadies and gents, welcome to a new episode of Learning With Myself. The next interview was recorded the last weekend in Santiago. I was not prepared to make the interview, so I had to improvise a lot. The reason of that is because my guest,my sister-in-law , who lives in Washington DC, was visiting Chile very briefly, and while we were enjoying the family gathering I mentioned that I’m producing a podcast in English and then I asked her if she would like to be interviewed. We had to find the right moment to speak, and it was not very easy because we had to hide from my noisy son, who shouted and cried a few times during the recording, and also she wanted of course to be with the rest of the family, so I basically stole her from them for about thirty minutes or so. I also want to say here that this was the first time we have spoken English, although I have listened to her speaking English quite a few times in the past, in a time when I didn’t really speak English yet. She is a very important person in the academic world in Washington DC, so I felt a bit like an idiot speaking to her, especially since I lack the vocabulary in English to follow a more complex conversation like this one. I would like to have said a few more things but I didn’t really know how. Sometimes that happens when we are speaking in a second language.

Anyway, here I link you to some interesting videos related to a couple of subjects addressed in this interview.

The first one is from an interesting research my guest Lorena has done and which is mentioned along the interview.

The second one is a conference Lorena mentioned near the end of the interview, and it’s about how the educational system and particularly assessments, kill the student’s thirst of knowledge.

That’s it. I really hope you find all this interesting. Don’t forget to leave your comment and subscribe to my channel.

Talk to you later!


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