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Welcome to a special episode of LWM, in which you can listen to some cool music from the end of the world. This podcast’s become a radio show, and I’m not by myself this time but joined by my friend Joaquin and my wife Vita, who’s actually a radio DJ. We play Chilean rock, punk and new wave music, and discuss about the styles and historical contexts. We also play some Peruvian and Argentinian music that fit quite well in this episode.

The songs are not completely played, though, because of the limited time and also to avoid some copyright issues, which I don’t think would really matter since all this music is alternative. Though I let you here the list of songs we play on the episode, so you can search them on the web if you want.

We had to let behind A LOT of cool music, so this is actually a random selection.

Here’s the list:

1. Los Prisioneros – Quieren dinero

2. Emociones Clandestinas – Un nuevo baile

3. Fiskales Ad-Hoc – Cuando muera Pinochet

4. Los miserables – Gritos de la calle

5. Machuca – Olvidando

6. Los Saicos – Demolición

7. Dos Minutos – Ya no sos igual

8. Electrodomésticos – En tu mirar

9. UPA! – Cuando vuelvas

10. Pánico – Qué pasa wey

If you have any question (perhaps you liked one of the background songs) or you want to ask for recommendation, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Hope you enjoy.


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