Hello everyone! On this episode I’m having a bit of a chat with Lea and Michelle, two German girls whom I met at the Language Exchange Meetings. While we were recording this interview we were drinking red wine and eating dark chocolate, a very nice combination indeed. We discussed about many different subjects, moving fluently from politics to food,  and from global problems to Christmas traditions.

Our talk was so fun and interesting that we spoke for about one hour and a half without even noticing, so I had to divide the episode in two. This one is the Part One, in which we had a very interesting reflection about the immigration in Germany and other countries; inclusion of different cultures in the same piece of land; how rich countries exploit poor countries; and how human race is extinguishing all the natural resources on the Earth.

I hope you enjoy this episode. In Part Two we keep talking about a lot of interesting things, such as the global media and the Chilean wine. The second part is coming soon on Learning With Myself. Stay tuned! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, poke around on talk2learn.ch, and leave a comment.

Have a good day.

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