Hello everyone! On this episode I’m having a bit of a chat with two Chilean English teachers, Adrian and Francisco, who are part of a English teaching network in Copiapó, Chile, called “Teachers in the flowering desert” (as a reference to the phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama desert, which despite being one of the driest deserts in the whole world, every spring gives us the great show of having multicoloured flowers). When we were recording this interview, we got very distracted by the music (though it was mostly from the eighties, so we quite enjoyed it), by the waiter that time to time asked us if we were ok (nothing wrong with it), by other people sitting and chatting at other tables next to us (with kids… in a bar), and by the delightful pizza we were eating (yummy!)

Here we talk about Chilean culture, the current situation of the city of Copiapó in terms of connectivity, the Chilean education and the educational reforms that the Chilean government is implementing these days, and finally how it is to be en English teacher in Chile.

I’m sure this might be interesting to other English teachers around the world (right, Zdenek?) and I really hope that many of you who are not English teachers can bear and even (why not) enjoy our talk.


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