Hello everyone. The same as other podcasters, I decided that I was going to record a podcast completely without preparing any subject.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I recorded my last episode, and I really wanted to publish a new one as soon as possible, although I haven’t got too much time to prepare something interesting and meaningful. That’s why I decided that I would just start recording whatever it came to my mind. So I just started talking. And the subject came up almost immediatly…

(Sometimes – you should know – it’s a bit difficult to pick a subject to talk about on a podcast, and when you face a recording without knowing previously what you are going to talk about, well, it could be quite tough too)

So, what’s the subject about? Well, I’m sure many of you have heard before something about Chile and the dictatorship, or maybe about Chile and the ‘economic miracle’… well, on this episode I ramble about those and other things. It’s a 30 minutes episodes all about Chile and its recent history. Of course, given that I haven’t prepared the subject, I lack some specific information. But this is something I know very well, because I usually teach these things in school and discuss about them with my friends.

I hope you enjoy this episode (and can forgive my prolongued silence, until now)


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