Hello everyone! This is my first time interviewing more than one person. In fact, on this episode I’m having A bit of a chat with Val and Sofia. Who are Val and Sofia? Well, Val stands for Valentin, a french exchange student of Political Sciences who currently lives in Valparaiso, Chile, and who speaks several languages (French, Spanish, English and Arab). During the interview you might notice how he shifts from one language to another, although his message comes across in a quite clear way. Sofia is a mexican girl who is also an exchange student, she is from Tijuana, Mexico, and she is studying Gastronomy.

So, we recorded this episode just before going to a Polyglota meeting, in which a group of people meet to speak a language, in this case English. We were in Viña del Mar, in a plaza next to the Casino. I think the place was great for recording this interview, since the ambient noises were not too loud.

What we talk about on this conversation? Well, the interviewees tell us their story learning English and give us some tips to learn a second language better. One main topic we discuss is food; so, we compare mexican, french and chilean food, giving a few delicious examples and making delightful descriptions of a few dishes.

If you don’t have any idea about what we are talking about, then you definitely should check out the following information:


Completo (chilean hot dog)

completo chilean hot dog

Once upon a time… our ancestors saw the american hot dog and thought that it was too small and too simple, so invented an improved version of it, a massive hot dog bread with a sausage, tomato, avocado, chucrut (choucroute in French, sauerkraut in German) and a lot of mayonnaise, and called it Completo. Now, they thought, the recipe was complete…  Well, without chucrut (which not everyone would fancy) it’s a Completo Italiano… I’ll explain that denomination soon enough…

Churrasco (beef sandwich)


The word churrasco basically means a piece of beef. But since bread is probably the most common food in Chile (it’s big, tasty and cheap), our ancestors invented this massive beef sandwich to which they just called churrasco, though it was way more than just that… The most common way to eat it is with tomato, avocado and a lot of mayonnaise… yes, the same as the Completo… or any other chilean food, really… anyway, this recipe in particular was called Churrasco Italiano…

Ok, now I’m getting into this ‘italiano’ subject. You know the italian flag, don’t you? What are the colors? Green, White…and?.. Red, correct! Ok, so every food that comes with avocado (green), mayonnaise (white) and tomato (red) is called ‘italiano’.

In case you were wondering: Yes, we eat a lot of avocado here in Chile. And yes, all this comes in Extra Size too… And not, I won’t show you Tacos or Kebabs, since I think they are quite known already.

Ok, this is it. I’m a bit hungry now, aren’t you?


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