LWM_abitofachatwithalmuthDear listeners, today you are about to listen to a nice conversation with Almuth from Germany, which I recorded while we were in a cafe near Plaza Anibal Pinto in Valparaiso. You might hear a few noises in the background, such as some clinking sounds and an electric bell ringing. I hope you can listen to our words and understand what we say, though.

After this interview I made my mind up about buying myself a recording machine, since my Iphone has its limitations when it comes to record an interview that could last about 45 minutes, and I usually record them in public places.

Anyway, Almuth is a traveler from the south of Germany who was going to leave the city the very same day we had our interview. She tells us her story during the interview, along with a few other interesting facts about her trip and job experience.

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