Hello listeners, on this episode I’m having ‘A bit of chat with DeeDee’, who is a citizen from the US that lives in Valparaiso and is an exchange student of Civil Engineering. I hope you can forgive me for having recorded (again) this interview at such a noisy place – you’re getting used to this, don’t you? – but it was lunchtime and we were hungry, so we had to get into a restaurant and… and you know what? I’m kinda looking for these difficult situations, because that way I put myself out of my comfort zone in order to put some preassure on my learning process.

So, as you might notice through the interview, we get very distracted by some people sitting at a table (not so much) next to us who were literally shouting and laughing very loud, and it was quite difficult to stay focused on the interview.

Anyway, here we talk about some very interesting topics, such as the educational system in the US, a bit of History of colonisation in both North and South America, some facts about indigenous people both in Chile and the United States, and a few funny things about learning a second language.

I apologise for my constant and evident ignorance about North America in general, I think that’s why I ask so many elemental things to my interviewee. I should have asked a lot of more interesting questions, to be honest.

I hope you enjoy this episode and appreciate the effort. I’m eager to hear/read your opinions! And don’t forget to subscribe.

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