Welcome to a new episode of Learning With Myself. Today I’m having ‘a bit of a chat’ with my good friend Barry, from Brighton. I know him from the language exchange meeting I attend to every monday in Valparaiso. I’m very happy to have had such an interesting conversation with, not only a native English speaker, but also with someone from the UK. We were in the terrace of a Cafe in Viña del Mar, so you might hear a lot of ambient noises, some of them really annoying, but I think it is all part of the spontaneity of the interview, isn’t it?

Well, in the conversation we speak about a lot of things. Among them, we mention the film Quadrophenia (1979) and the BBC series The Royle Family (1998-2000).

Here I share with you the trailer of Quadrophenia and the first episode of The Royle Family.

Finally, I leave you here an image of the Brighton Pier I picked up somewhere on the web. As you can see, it is bloody lovely! 


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