Hello everyone this time I want to share with you another page you can have a look to practice, improve or learn english, this site is Learn English With Kirsty.

Kirsty Major providse support and training for people who want to develop their English, particularly those who need to use English at work.

She has two English teaching qualifications: a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate and a Diploma in Teaching Business English, both passed with distinction.

She’s also a podcaster and has lots of different things to offer like: Traning, Grammar, Tips, Reviews, Audio and Writting courses to mention a few.

She’s asking learners of english to take a quick survey in which they share with the rest of the world things related to learning english. I did the survey and she’s published my answer along other learners:

Tanja from Germany
Margrit from Germany
Melih from Turkey.
Chriss from Mexico

If you’d like to take the survey go to her page http://englishwithkirsty.com/.

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