The english verbs are used to describe actions we all know that, but when they are used with other words, the meaning can change and we can get confused.

Idiomatic expressions are that what I’ve just described, well more less, an idiomatic expression is an informal english that doesn’t mean literally what the words mean.

Today you are going to learn idiomatic expressions with the verb go.

Go against
Meaning: it means to oppose to something or someone.
Example: I’m against the new law.

Go out
Meaning: to date someone
Example: I wanna go out with that girl, she is so beautiful.

Go through
Meaning: to to suffer from mental or physical problems
Example: He’s been going through a lot of problems since he broke up with his girlfriend.

Go for it
Meaning: to take an opportunity.
Example: I really want to travel to New York, When I have it I will go for it.

Go around in circles
Meaning: avoiding something or repeating something continuously.
Example: You have been going around in circles, clear your mind, think in a solution.

Go broke
Meaning: to end without any money
Example: If you buy that new car, you’ll go broke.

Go easy (on someone)
Meaning: to be kind, softly with someone.
Example: Don’ t go easy on him, he deserves to be punished.

Go nuts
Meaning: to get crazy.
Example: Did you heard her? she went nuts, she said we need to work more time.

Go into detail
Meaning: to explain in deep something.
Example: I like your trip plan but go into detail in the arriving please.

Go to the dogs
Meaning: to go worse than it was, to become bad, to become unsuccesful.
Example: It seems that her reputation has gone to the dogs.

Go ape
Meaning: to become very excited about something.
Example: I go ape for chocolate cake.


If you have any other idiomatic expressions, please share it with us or comment it down.

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