some idiomatic expressions with color

The colors bring the life out of the things, they can make us feel different states of emotion from angry with red, hope with white to mention a few.

Have you ever heard an idiomatic expressions with colors? Have you been in a situation where someone name a color in a sentence and you end up with a poker face?. Well if your answer was yes i’m here to help you with some of the most common idiomatic expressions with colors, so let’s begin.

Out of the blue

This expression is used when something happens suddenly without warning or unexpectedly.
Example: I was walking my dog then out of the blue it started to rain.

Red tape

This idiom refers to a procedures that just slow down the realization of something.
Example: All this red tape is driving me crazy, this process of getting my driver’s license is taking so long.

Black out

It means to lose consciousness or memory temporally.
Example: Anna didn’t had breakfast and she worked so hard all day till she blacked out.

Green with envy

Is the desire of having something other person has and you don’t.
Example: Did you see Paul’s new car? It’s so beautiful I’m green with envy, I wish I had one like that, I really want one!.

Get the blues

This idiomatic expression means to become sad or depressed.
Example: Today’s weather has caused me to get the blues because is cold, foggy and rainy.

Green around the gills

It means to look sick.
Examples: The first time I traveled by boat i looked green around the gills and felt nauseous.

Once in a blue moon

This expression is used when something happens very rarely.
Examples: We only visit night clubs once in a blue moon because we don’t like to dance that much.

Paint the town red

It means to go out and party having fun.
Example: The first we did when we arrived to Rio de Janeiro was to paint the town red at the carnival.

Pot calling the kettle black

This is used when someone criticizes or accuses someone else and that person is as guilty as the person he or she criticizes or accuses.
Example: My coworker always gets angry cause I arrive late to work but that is like the pot calling the kettle black. He arrives after me most of the time.

Show one`s true colors

It is used to indicate that someone show what one is really like or really thinking.
Example: I thought that Jennifer was a kind person but when I date her she showed her true colors when she began yelling at me.

With flying colors

It means to accomplish or do something with great or total success.
Example: My friend passed the final exam with flying colors and she now wants to celebrate.


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