Today I’d like to share with you THE interview Zdenek did with Luke from Luke’s English Podcast. This interview is in three parts because they are very talkative people, to our great pleasure of course ! 😉

I’m very glad for Zdenek because he met Luke like me but what’s more? He even interviewed him. Zdenek said that he had felt very stressed during the interview because he was impressed by meeting great Luke.  I understand Zdenek because when I met Luke in Paris I was stressed too and I had some difficulties to find my words but it still was a magical moment to meet such a nice person like Luke. Zdenek did a very good job and I can’t wait to listen to the other part.

I invite you to come back to this page soon because I will add the others part in the following playlist when they are published by Zdenek.

Thank you Zdenek and Luke. You are our heroes 😉

Here is Luke’s post.

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