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Dear listeners,

I’m Guillaume Stevenin, the voice behind Guillaume’s English podcast.

I’m doing this podcast to improve my speaking and confident skills.

My mother tongue is French, so I’m not a native English speaker and I’m not an English teacher either. Please do accept my graphologies for my mistakes. I’m still learning.

Luke’s English Podcast and Zdenek English Podcast inspired me to do my own podcast. Doing Guillaume’s English Podcast push me out of my comfort zone and allows me to improve my personal skills. I can feel the benefits in my daily life. I’m more confident to speak with people even in my mother tongue and my English has improved a lot. I can only encourage you to do your own podcast because it helps more than you can imagine and be careful this addictive as well.

Since Luke’s competition, I’m joined on the website by José from Chile with Learning with Myself and Chris from Mexico Chris’s English Podcast which is more challenging and engaging. This is a kind of a friendly podcast competition which you can discover in the “Podcast Channels” menu.

By the way I did some episodes with the video but I don’t want to do it for all the episodes because this is at first an audio podcast. So you are going to have sometimes the surprise to discover the embeded video into the post. That’s why it’s important to have a look to each post to see extra content like the video or some link related to the episode.

My podcast is also inspired by Cliff Ravenscraft THE Podcast Answer Man I can really improve my podcast and my website with his advice.

I think that’s it about Guillaume’s English Podcast and I recommend you to have a look to the learning section. If you want to learn how to start your own website or your own podcast, I would be glad to help you.

Thank you for your time and thank you for listening to Guillaume’s English Podcast.

Your feedback are always welcome, mainly if this is a positive one 😉

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