Hello Talk2Learn people, this time I’m sharing with you my second part of My Travel To Texas, this time I spend more time improving the video I hope you like it.

Here’s more or less the transcript i prepared (not the video transcription but pretty much the same)

My Travel to Texas Transcript I followed (more or less):


Hello youtube people, welcome back to this series of videos about my travel to texas, if you haven’t seen part 1 here I leave you the video, go see it and then back again here.


So we woke up at the morning, we had some breakfast then we hit the road again, this time we were driving to Arlington Texas which is where the cowboys dallas stadium is, We made about 4 hours and a half maybe 5. Its almost 300 miles away.


But we didn’t take the highway that everyone takes, the tipical way to arrive from san anotnio to arlington which is a road where you pass through Austin and Waco.


We took the road 281 which passes through small towns with beautiful houses and rivers.  The view was amazing.


After 5 hours we arrived to our our hotel which was 1 mile from the stadium, we chosed that hotel because if we stayed there we wouldnt use the car to go to the stadium, and the parking lot fee at the stadium is like 50 bucks.


All the hotels were full because everyone travels to arlington to see NFL matches and we had booked our room 4 weeks before the match, I must say that the price were overrated if you stay there another day of the year you could get a room for 100 bucks but we had to pay like 250 because the demand of hotel rooms grows when theres a match.


So we arrived we were too hungry and the match was going to start in 1 hour and we wanted to enter to the stadium before the match to take some pics and admire the place. So we decided that we were going to eat at the stadium which is so expensive 1 beer its almost 10 dollars and a hotdog too.


So we walked from our hotel to the stadium, and to arrived to the AT&T stadium we had to pass a baseball stadium which is the Globe Life Park stadium it was so beautiful, I had never seen an american baseball stadium before, we didn’t enter beacause it was closed.


And when we arrived we noticed that there was some sort of festival or something like that. It was Like a german christmas event called Christkind market there were lots of little cottages with merchandise accesories clothes, we didn’t buy anything of those things because we weren’t intersted but we saw food and we were so hungry.


So we did a small stop to eat see the festival, in the festival you had to buy tickets which were sold at the price of 1 dolar, 1 dollar equals 1 ticket we ate bratwurst sandwich which is like a hotdog with a big german saussage and I also bought a oktoberfest paulaner beer.


It was so delicious not just because we were to hungry but it was delicious. So then we continued or way to the ATT&T stadium. I was afraid because i had read that you cant bring cameras to the stadium i searched a lot on internet about people complaining that they werent allowed to enter with gopros or small cameras, just with smartphones so If the security guards wouldn’t allowed me to enter with my camera i would have gone to the hotel and back again which could have taken me 40 minutes to do it.

I managed to enter with my camera ;). Outside the stadium there is a huge oval mirror or something like that where people take pictures idk how to describe but it is like a big mirror.


The stadium has a capacity of 80,000 seats, we had tickets in the upper part of the stadium, it didn’t matter that we were to far from the field because you have a great view from any angle of the stadium and theres a big screen in the middle where you can see better.


The screen is (55 by 22 meters). We watched the game and in the end the New York Jets won, My friend that is jets fan was so happy and we were too regardless we dont root for jets.


Ending the match we went back to the hotel and searched for a pub to have some drinks, celebrate and eat. WE found a pub called Fox & Hound I had a Coffee Milk Stout Beer from Stone Brewing company, I ordered 2 beacuase it was so deliciuos, we ate pizza nothing special.


We had such a great time, there were to many NFL fans there too like us.


And we went back to our hotel and we slept. That was the second day of my travel to Texas.


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