Hello lsiteners and welcome back to another episode of Chris´s English Podcast, yes that´s right I´m still alive. This episode is basic a short description of what I will do for the next episodes till the year ends.

I´ve been working on the idea of the podcast and the website, I want to bring you a better experience and you are very important part of it, so please leave me comments with your suggestions. In summary I talk about this topics:

  • I want to teach you bits of grammar or phrases each episodes (easy and short ones because I´m not a teacher).
  • Record episodes in Arlington Texas.
  • Record video of Arlington Texas and San Antonio Texas.


I´ll leave you here my episode about the last´s year travel to Arlington Texas if you don´t remember it or haven´t listened to it. (English Podcast #4 Arlington Tx)

Thanks for listening to this English Podcast, you are awesome, please get in touch via skype, twitter, google+, facebook or whatever social media you use.

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