Hello everybody in this episode I invite you to take this mini challenge and listen to the converstaion I play and write down everything you understand, then compare it with the right transcription. This method will help you to get a better listening and writting skills. The piece of audio was taken from a TV series I really love cause it has a lot of accents, the series is called Downton Abbey.

Please DO NOT READ the end of this description until you are done with the challenge.

Corrections: i said 1940 but i was thinking in 1914, I confused fourteen with fourty sorry, also with 15 and 50.

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Man: Hello, you look very glamorous

Lady: I thought I’d make a bit of an effort

Man: I’m glad you did, I’ve ordered somewine for us

Lady: Heavens, how spoiling, I love the criterion. It feels so wild, to be out with a man, drinking and dining in a smart London restaurant, can you imagime being allowed to do anything of the sort five years ago, never mind ten?

Man: The war changed everything

Lady: Mama used to say we would never eat anywhere public except an hotel we were staying in, she might cheat and take us to the Ritz, but that was about it

Man: I do love you so

Lady: Do you? I’m glad, Is that what we’re celebrating?

Man: That, and my progress, I’ve found out I can divorce Lizzie in Germany if I become a German citizen

Lady: You’re willing to become a German citizen, for me? You’d do that?

Man: I ‘d become an Eskimo if it meant I could marry you

Lady: But Germany, after 4 years of fighting you’d join the most hated race in Europe for me? Can i kiss you?

Man: What, here? In front of all these people?

Lady: I don’t care, kiss me now.

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