Hello mates, dudes, folks, learners of english!! Here I am again, It’s been yonks right? I must apologize because i had so many problems with my recording device (my phone), and i changed computer so and it died too like my phone did!!. So it’s nice to be back with you again.

In this episode I talk about my travel to Arlington Texas to see the Cowboys Dallas vs the Cardinals from Arizona Enjoy it please. IF you have any comments, recomendations for this podcast please leave them down on the description.

What do ou think about the background music? did you like it? didn’t you? is it annoying to listen to the same song so many times? does the music makes more dificult to hear me talking? please give me feedback C:

And if you do like this music please visit http://jt2000.bandcamp.com/releases and listen to the all album of Jim Thompson (Lukes brother) you can donate some money from 0 (it is free download) up to 10000000000000000000000 pounds, of course i donated one million pounds to Jim he deserves it you know.If you want to know more about Jim and his music please listen to this “interview” of him made by Luke .  Jim’s Interview made by Luke

Here i leave you also the page for the CHatcast which is a weekly conversation on skype with learners of english and the conversation is published as a podcast. CHatcast

Also i will leave some pictures of my journey and the link to the album on my facebook page C:

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