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Here is “A bit of a chat with Laércio” – the first episode on Skype, obviously with some connection problems during the call so I apologies for any strange noise.

This episode feature a friend of mine, Laércio from Sao Paulo.

Laércio is 33 years old and he’s a funny guy who is learning English as well.

In this episode you know a bit more about him so I won’t tell you everything here 😉

At the end of the episode we did a little game called Taboo and this is quiet funny to do.

It’s a good way to practice English and increase your vocabulary. You can do your own cards online or create your own physical cards to play with your pupils or your friends.

I hope you will enjoy this episode and as usual, any feedback would be welcome.
By the way, I’d like to practice more that kind of chat to improve my skills so if you want to take part of the podcast, you are welcome. If you are interested please go Laerciothere.

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Thank you Laércio for this chat and Cheers, Guillaume


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