free-audiobook-in-englishYes you can download free audiobook

Yes, just because we are such a good bunch of people here at Talk2Learn, we found a way to give to our listeners and visitors the chance of getting a free audiobook.

Our good friend Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast is giving you the direct door to the world of audiobooks.

How to download free audiobook

Before you star you should know this, you have to register with a credit card, you won’t be charged for it, hey give you free 30 days, so you register, download the audiobook and if you don’ t want any other audiobook just cancel the service before the day 30 of your trial period and you will keep the free audiobook FOREVER. Don’ t miss this chance.

Steps to Download the Free Audiobook

1.- Go to Audible´s site (Free audiobook LINK) and click get my free audiobook.

2.- Enter your email address and fill for a password if you don’t have an amazon acount already.

3.- Enter your card details and that’s it Bob is your uncle!.

If you want all de detailed information about singin in and canceling ýou free audiobook go to Luke´s Website


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