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Here we are ! It’s time to celebrate the 200th episode of Luke’s English podcast !

That’s really amazing and I can only imagine how much time he spend to do only one episode. This is so kind from him to do such a huge work for us.

I started to do my own English podcast recently and I figured out how much time it takes to have a good record. Doing a podcast is really exciting and it allows me to go out of the comfort zone and in that way I can improve my English skills but also my confident skills – trust me ! Now that’s your turn guys ! Luke has launched a podcast competition and I want you to take part of it.

This competition is about doing one episode of you own podcast for not more than 5 minutes and send it only to a specific mail address of Luke. This is a great opportunity to discover what is about doing a podcast and maybe this is the beginning of your own podcast too ! We might celebrate  your 200th episode in few years 😉

Ok it’s time know more about this competition so to avoid repetition I invite you to listen to this episode and go to the episode page for more details.

Let’s compete guys 😉

#lukesenglishpodcast #eslpodcastcompetition

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