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Read the following interview to learn more about Talk2learn.ch :

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I’m Guillaume Stevenin, I’m living in Switzerland near Romont (FR)  and I’m an IT Support.

Why have you created Talk2learn.ch ?
I have created this website because I really like studying English, I like developing websites and sharing my knowledge.

Who might be interested in visiting your website?
Mainly people who wants to learn English, but also teachers, journalists and bloggers.

What are your goals for Talk2learn.ch?
As you might know, I’m not fluent and I’m still learning English.
So it goes slower than I would like, but I’m working hard to improve my English and increase the quality of the content on Talk2learn.ch to provide the best content as possible.
I have a lot of ideas for example, I would like to creat my own podcast. (Done since May 2014 with my podcast Guillaume’s English Podcast)

If you have more questions please use the contact form.

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  • Lena

    Thank you for your comment on Luke’s English podcast’s website. I’m definitely looking for people studying English who are interested in sharing their knowledge about the language in order to improve. I teach English in French schools and it is not always easy to find time to keep up to date with what’s new in English. It is so diverse and rich! I’m going to thoroughly check your website!

  • Hi Lena,
    Thank you so much for your answer.
    That’s often difficult to find people to talk with because of the timezone so as we have the same one we could try more easily to speak.
    Send me a friend request on Skype by the way my ID is: talk2learn
    See you soon and thanks for visiting my website.