About Chris´s English Podcast

Chriss Benitez - Chriss English PodcastHello everyone my name is Chriss and i´m the person behind Chris´s English Podcast, I started this podcast in order to improve my spoken english, my confidence at speaking, make new friends, and bring something to the online world of the internet.

I love to make and taste craft beer, play the guitar, do blogging, the NFL, watch youtube and netflix all day and share my knowledge with the world. I speak Spanish, English and French (a little).

I love traveling, meeting new people, new cultures, new styles of living. I also love listening to podcasts from Tech News, English Podcasts (Luke´s English Podcast), Web Design Podcasts etc etc.

I hope my English Podcast is helpful to you. Feel free to contact me on skype: chriss.benitez or via email: chriss.benitez7@gmail.com.


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