The Warning on TEDx University of Nevada

Hello everyone, remember my podcast episode about The Warning Band ? Well they just played at TEDx University of Nevada and the video is now available!!!   The Warning are three sisters from Monterrey Mexico, Daniela (15) Paulina (13) and Alejandra (11) that love music. In this video they perform their original songs River Soul and […]

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Videoblog – Downtown Rehearsal

Hello everyone this time I’m back with my first video in the mode “videovlog” which is to record yourself and share thing about yourself, your life, your day and many others things. I will record later a podcast about this things I’m doing on youtube. Don’t think i’m forgetting about the podcast I will continue […]

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BBC Learning English Listening Program

BBC Learning English Listening Program

BBC Learning English Listening Program Hello everyone, this time I’m going to share with you all a Radio Program which might not be very famous but it is a very interesting one. The radio program is called 15 Minutes of Drama and it’s transmitted by the BBC at Radio 4 this program presents everyday an […]

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Idiomatic expressions with colors

Idiomatic Expressions With Colors

The colors bring the life out of the things, they can make us feel different states of emotion from angry with red, hope with white to mention a few. Have you ever heard an idiomatic expressions with colors? Have you been in a situation where someone name a color in a sentence and you end […]

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Learn English With Kirsty

Hello everyone this time I want to share with you another page you can have a look to practice, improve or learn english, this site is Learn English With Kirsty. Kirsty Major providse support and training for people who want to develop their English, particularly those who need to use English at work. She has two English […]

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